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The solubility of atenolol in water is 26.7mg per mL and it is also soluble in dehydrated alcohol.  It is poorly soluble in alkaline solutions and shows maximum stability at pH 4.1

Formula A2

Atenolol Oral Liquid 2mg per mL
Atenolol tablets (Tenormin®) 100mg
*Roxane® Diluent to   250  mL
Crush the atenolol tablets to a powder using a mortar and pestle then slowly add 50mL Roxane® Diluent and triturate to a fine paste.
Add 200mL Roxane®  Diluent to the mortar in three equal portions, thoroughly mixing after each dilution.
Expiry:  30 days
Stability:   40 days
Storage:  Stable at 5 - 25°C.  Refrigeration recommended.
*Roxane diluent contains; ethanol 1%, saccharin 0.05% in a cherry flavoured 33% polyethylene glycol 8000 base.

Formula B3

Atenolol Oral Liquid 2mg per mL
Atenolol tablets 50mg
Glycerol mL
Methylcellulose 1% to   50  mL
Crush the tablets and make a paste with the glycerol before adding the vehicle.
Expiry/Stability:  30 days
Storage:  Stable at 25°C but refrigeration recommended to retard microbial growth.  A preservative such as parabens could be added.

  1. Syrup and commercially available bases Ora Sweet, Ora Sweet SF and Ora Plus can also be used.3
  2. Atenolol Injection could be administered orally if small doses are required.
  3. As atenolol is soluble in water, a simple aqueous dispersion could be prepared in which the drug is in solution and tablet excipients are in suspension.  For example Formula B could be prepared without the suspending base.  Addition of citric acid to pH 4 - 5 will increase stability but a maximum expiry of 7 days is suggested, as this formulation has not been formally tested.

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Formulation in Pharmacy Practice
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