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In New Zealand, fluconazole oral liquid is available and funded under Special Authority. Please refer to the Pharmaceutical Schedule

Fluconazole has a solubility in water of  8 - 10mg per mL and is also soluble in ethanol. The injection is usually formulated in 0.9% Sodium Chloride and has a pH of 4 - 8.
Fluconazole oral liquid is available in some countries.  For small doses the injection can be given orally.  Unit doses can be packed into oral syringes.

Yamreudeewong et al1 prepared a 1mg per mL oral liquid by triturating Diflucan® tablets with deionised water.  This preparation is chemically stable for 15 days at 4 and 23°C in glass vials.  The potential for microbial growth was not assessed.
Sterile water should be used for this preparation and a 7 day expiry date is suggested.
Compatibility with flavours and syrups has not been assessed so a simple solution should be prepared as above.  Flavour can be added to the dose just prior to administration.  Refrigeration is important as an antimicrobial preservative is not included in the preparation.

  1. Yamreudeewong W, Lopez-Anaya A, Rappaport H.  Stability of fluconazole in an extemporaneously prepared oral liquid.  Am J Hosp Pharm 1993; 50: 2366-7 [PubMed]

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