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Thyroxine (levothyroxine)
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Levothyroxine sodium has an aqueous solubility of 150 micrograms per mL at 25C.
The compound is also sensitive to light and pH.1

Short term stability has been reported in a water/glycerol1 and a 70% sorbitol based mixture.2 Compounded suspensions appear to have very limited stability. Stability in commercial bases such as Ora-Plus has not been determined.


Formula 1

Thyroxine 25 micrograms per mL
Levothyroxine sodium tablets 100 micrograms 25 
Glycerol 40  mL
Water to   100  mL
  1. Grind up tablets.
  2. Mix up with 10mL aliquots of glycerol until all
    the glycerol is used up.
  3. Bring up to volume (100mL) with water.
Stability:  8 days.
Storage:  Stable under refrigeration and at room temperatures (temperatures above 27C should be avoided).
Store in amber bottles.  Preservative not necessary with such a short expiry date, especially if refrigerated.

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