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Vancomycin Oral Solution

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The following formula has been recommended by the Compounding Pharmacists' Working Group


Vancomycin 50 mg in 1 mL oral solution

Vancomycin 500 mg injection; 10 vials
Glycerol BP 40 mL
Water for Irrigation to 100 mL

Expiry date; 14 days from preparation; refrigerated


Measure the glycerol into the final measuring cylinder.
Draw up 50 mL of water for irrigation into a 50 mL syringe and reconstitute each vancomycin vial with approximately 5 mL of water for irrigation using a 50 mL syringe and needle.
Draw up the contents of each vial (ensuring vials are completely empty) and transfer into the measuring cylinder with the glycerol and mix well.
Make up to volume with water.

Source of Formula:

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. January/February 2003; Volume 7, Number 1, page 64.

Sweetman SC, editor. Martindale: the complete drug reference. 35th edition. London: Pharmaceutical Press; 2006; page 320.


Formulation in Pharmacy Practice
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