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Vigabatrin is freely soluble in water but does not appear to be stable in solution. Studies on extemporaneous formulations have not been located.
Powder sachets for dissolution prior to administration are available in some countries.
Tablets usually disperse easily in water (check, as brands may vary) allowing the dose to be given in liquid form immediately after dispersion. If tablets are scored, fractions corresponding to the dose can be given.

If the dose is not a manageable tablet fraction, a suggested method is; disperse the tablet in a known volume (e.g.10 mL) of water and stir to ensure that the drug is dissolved, leaving only insoluble excipients. Measure out the volume that corresponds to the dose and give to the patient mixed in a flavoured juice if necessary. Discard any remaining liquid as the stability of vigabatrin solution on storage is unknown.
NB even though all the drug should be in solution, agitate the liquid before giving the dose as soluble drug may be bound to insoluble excipients that may be in suspension.

Formulation in Pharmacy Practice
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